By Joann Grant

High blood pressure is a malady that is associated with several complications. In some cases hypertension nurtures complications or diseases while in others it is a by product of various complications and physical states of humans.

A woman on family way has been often found afflicted with high blood pressure. The cause of this hypertension is also debatable like other types of hypertensions. Well, there could be two or three possible reasons of it. Wherein, the most prominent one is preeclampsia.

In case of this pregnancy induced hypertension, initially you witness a surge in systolic BP by thirty mm and diastolic BP by twenty mm. Presence of protein contents in urine confirms this type of hypertension.

It is just because of this preeclampsia resulted hypertension a pregnant is constantly required to keep track of blood pressure. This blood pressure complication usually arises in mid pregnancy. Women who have conceived for the first time are very much susceptible to preeclampsia. Pregnancy in late thirties or forties may also be a cause of such high blood pressure.

Among most pregnant women this preeclampsia propelled surge in BP is witnessed after six or seven months of pregnancy. This high blood pressure usually prevails till the delivery. Once the child is borne the hypertension lowers down and vanishes within few days. If a woman suffers a greater surge in blood pressure in her later stage of pregnancy, cesarean delivery before the scheduled date of delivery remains the only option. For, only the delivery would result in normalcy of blood pressure.

Although a less severe case of preeclampsia is difficult to be identified, a reasonably higher level of preeclampsia hypertension could be identified with constant headache, frequent vomiting, dizziness and blurring of vision.

A pregnant woman must be informed of various symptoms of this hypertension so that she could take immediate action once she finds herself with these symptoms.

This hypertension originates probably due to placental disorder. It is said that placental blood vessels constricts to result in hypertension. Women may also suffer from this complication due to less than required intake of various vitamins and nutrients that are essential during pregnancy. Some hormonal disorders may also contribute to this hypertension.

All in all, I would suggest all pregnant women to take preventive measures for preeclampsia as it adds to the ordeal of being pregnant.

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