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Keeping your baby safe does not have to be hard! There are some very basic and simple steps that you can take to ensure that you baby is safe. Rather than become paranoid or worried about every little thing, take a look at this comprehensive childproofing checklist to baby safety! This is baby safety made simple, just for you. That way you can spend your time enjoying your new baby instead of worrying.

Is Your baby Safe! Check out this List and See which Things you Might Have Forgot!

  • Are you using a new crib? If not, make sure that the slats are close enough together to avoid becoming an entrapment hazard and that no lead paint was used in the painting of your crib. Make it a rule to inspect nuts, bolts and screws once a month to ensure that everything remains tight and secure.
  • Can you put your arm between the crib mattress and outside of the crib? If so, you need to purchase another mattress. The mattress needs to fit snugly inside the crib or else your baby could be in danger of becoming entrapped.
  • Are there pillows, stuffed animals or bumper pads in the crib? These need to be removed. Countless babies’ are injured or even die due to smothering from oversized and fluffy crib ornamentals.
  • Make sure that your baby is always put to sleep without pillows (unless recommended by a Doctor) on their back. Make no exceptions!
  • Is your car seat new and installed rear facing in the back seat of your car? All babies must ride rear facing in the rear of the car. A 5-point harness system is the best type of use. It is preferred to purchase new car seats to ensure that they are safe and secure and adhere to the latest industry standards!
  • Keep in mind that the bath tub is a deadly place. Never leave your child alone and if you are using a bath seat make sure that your baby is strapped in and that you don’t leave them for a second. Get all your bath items together before giving your baby a bath.
  • Even an infant that can’t crawl can easily put small things in their mouth. This can lead to choking or poisoning. Vacuum often and always check for small pieces of string, buttons and even eyes from a teddy bear. Be particularly careful about pills or medications. Babies have a knack for putting things in their mouth without anyone even noticing. As they get older – cleaning supplies look like yummy drinks to a baby! Lock them up high at all times
  • A baby’s skin is different. Keep them covered up when outdoors and avoid sun exposure whenever possible. Sunscreen is NEVER recommended for a baby under 6 months of age as it contains toxins. Best thing is to keep them covered with clothing and hats and indoors during the hottest part of the day.
  • Never over dress your baby. It is best to forego a coat while in the car seat and cover them up with a light blanket instead. Babies tend to overheat very quickly. Similarly, they are subject to frostbite at a more expedient rate than older kids.
  • Make sure that you and everyone else caring for your child is certified in CPR. This could easily save their life!

This list is designed to get you started. Keeping baby safety a priority will be a lifelong commitment; but the payoff is worth it. Always trust your instincts and remember that supervision at all times is the biggest factor in keeping your baby safe!