By Brenda Skeel – Designer, Bug on a Wall

The first few weeks of summer are a magical time of playing outside, sleeping (just a little bit) later and lazy afternoons, but as the heat and routine of summer set in, often, so does the phrase “Mom! I’m bored”! Summer is a great time to take on a decorating project and it is fun to freshen up your child’s room before school starts again. If you are looking for an innovative and flexible way to add color to your child’s room – without breaking your budget – check out Bug on a Wall Do-It-Yourself Mural Patterns.

Bug on a Wall patterns arrive full size, so you wont need a projector. They come complete with instructions and a paint-by-number guide to help you create playful wall art to match any decor. Best of all, the patterns come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices so you decide how much to paint. You can add a small butterfly or your child’s name over the bed or an entire jungle to your playroom! Here are some fun ways to get your children involved in decorating this summer using Bug on a Wall patterns.

1. Have your child help select colors: Whether you are planning to purchase new bedding or creating a new look with existing bedding, children can help match colors and color on a copy of the enclosed “paint-by-number” guide to help you decide which colors go where. Be creative! Why not paint a purple monkey or a pink unicorn – your child will love showing off your handiwork and their idea!

2. Make a place for new art every day: Use chalk board paint to fill in the outline of a butterfly or frog or even a race car. Then your children can use colored chalk to draw new frog faces, design whimsical new butterfly wings or create and re-create the car of their dreams!

3. Create a hand-painted keepsake: If you aren’t confident in your painting abilities or want to create a painting to keep, purchase a couple of pre-mounted canvases from your local craft store. Using craft paint or paint pens and a Bug on a Wall pattern, create your own hand-painted wall art to hang on your child’s wall with a colorful ribbon. You can even give your child their own canvas to paint with you side-by-side.

4. Do a volunteer project with your older children: Bug on a Wall will donate free mural patterns to individuals who would like to volunteer to paint wall art for a charity or non-profit organization that serves children. Contact Brenda and Mary on the Bug on a Wall website to get details and request patterns.

To see a complete catalog and a gallery of completed wall art work, visit the Bug on a Wall website.
Fight boredom and “take your walls on an adventure..” this summer with Bug on a Wall!