By Tequitia Andrews

There is almost no escaping the “baby blues” the first few days after pregnancy. They sneak up on you and before you know it you’re crying your eyes out. You’re overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a mother. You’re moody and isolated from your loved ones. The good news is that you can snap out of it. It seems a little difficult at first. There seems to be no end to your feeling down in the dumps. There are a few things that you can do to make you feel like yourself again.

Go for a walk. Put the baby in a sling or stroller and hit the trails. Walking is a good way to refresh yourself.

Get together with friends without the baby. Go out to lunch or go shopping. The latter is bound to make you feel better.

Get adequate sleep and proper nutrition. Keep your energy up by eating regular nutritious meals. If possible, sleep when the baby sleeps.

Enlist volunteers for help. Take up those offers from family members and friends to help you. Give yourself a break.

Exercise. Pop in an exercise video or turn on the radio and start dancing.

If none of these activities help, seek advice from your doctor.

Tequitia Andrews is wife, mother, homemaker, and freelance writer. Visit her site Homebound Parenting for stay-at-home moms