By Faithe Thomas

C-Sections are considered major surgery. Do not expect to jump out bed the next day! Your stay in the hospital will probably be about 3 days, depending on your reason for having the C-section. You may be in pain, but there are options you can take to control it.

Pain relief options

Most likely, you will receive an IV containing pain killer after your anesthesia wears off. This IV will probably be removed within the first 24-48 hours and you will be encouraged to get up and go for a little walk with assistance. The walks will also help to prevent both constipation and blood clots. At this point, you will also be able to take a shower or sponge bath.

After the IV is taken out, you will be given oral medications for pain. Your body will feel a normal fatigue because it is using all of its energy to heal itself. While you are in the hospital, the amount of food you eat, how much you drink, and how active your bladder and bowels are, will all be monitored. The sooner all of these are active on a regular basis, the sooner you will be able to leave the hospital.

Risks to the mother after C-section

After your C-section, there are a few risks to think about and be monitored for:

* The lining of your uterus becoming infected and inflamed

* Losing too much blood after surgery

* Increased risk of bladder and kidney infection

* Constipation from the medication and/or surgery

* A fluid leak that goes around your spinal cord and into your back tissues, which will result in a headache

* Allergy reactions from the anesthesia

* additional surgery to repair your bladder (rare)

* blood clots in your pelvic area, legs, or lungs (rare)

Once you are home

* Have someone there that will be able to help you with your recovery.

* Do not lift anything that is heavier than your baby. Rest, rest, rest.

* Support your abdomen, especially when it comes to laughing, coughing, or sneezing.

* Drink lots of liquids and empty your bladder often to reduce the risk of infection.

* Be open with your partner about sex. Cuddle and hold each other, but abstain from sex for about 4-6 weeks.

* Continue your hi-fiber diet to prevent getting constipated.

You may feel post-partum depression. If you do start feeling overwhelmed, talk to your doctor or mental health professional. Ask for a visiting nurse or join a support group. All of these options are fine. The main thing is to talk to someone. You do not have to feel alone. Find someone who can help you recover.

And remember, your C-section is a major surgery – it will take a little longer to recover. So be patient. Take the time to recover as your doctor allows. In the meantime, hold your new little angel and do some important bonding.

(No medical advice should be construed from this article. Please make your own decisions.)

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