By David Crowton

As a new parent both you and your family are probably overjoyed. The first few months has been nothing but wonderful and you are hoping it will stay like this forever. Unfortunately everyday life does not work like that and you are bound to experience some bumps in the road along the way and nothing is worse than when your baby gets sick.

Like everyone else, you will wake up one morning and find that your little baby has got a real bad cold. Listening to that little chest being so congested can for many first time parents be very traumatic. You may not be quite sure of what to do and feel completely helpless because you can tell your baby is having a hard time breathing and he has a little bit of a fever.

In most cases of a baby cold there is no reason to panic and for most babies there is no reason to take them to the doctor either. Of course if taking him to the doctor make you feel better and safer that is what you should do. For anything you are not sure of when it comes to your child you should seek advice from somewhere. Anyway, like mentioned, with most baby colds there is normally no reason to rush to the doctor.

As for yourself when you have a cold there are certain things you should do for your baby when he has a cold. Here are a few ideas which can make it easier for both you and your baby. First of all make sure they get lots of fluids to keep them from dehydrating, this is very important.

In order for your baby to be able to breathe better, purchase one of those mist humidifiers and keep it on while the baby is taking a nap and at night time. This will help loosen up the cough secretions and let them breathe better. A humidifier will also help you if you get a cold so it is not a waste of money.

Keep their head elevated. Try to put something under the baby’s mattress to build up their head elevation. Babies always breathe better if elevated and not laying flat on their back during sickness.

If your child has a bad coughing spell, go in the bathroom turn on the shower with real hot water so it will steam up the bathroom. Sit the baby on your lap and let them breathe in the steam. This will help ease their cough.

Other things you can do to keep your child more comfortable during this time is to make sure you have things around the house to lessen the fever and discomfort like for example infant Tylenol. Also make sure to give lots of love, hugs and kisses just to let them know you are there for them.

All of this is only suggestions but hopefully it will help you get through your baby’s first cold.