Baby Name Name Meaning
Aedan, Aiden, Aidan Fire, Little Fiery One
Allan, Allen, Alan Handsome,
Arlen Pledge
Barry Marksman
Blaine, Blane Thin
Blair Plain, Field
Braden, Bradan From the word Salmon
Brenden, Brendan, Brendon Little
Raven, A Raven
Brian Strong, Honorable
Casey Vigilant, Brave
Cavan Handsome
Cian Ancient
Ciaran Dark, Black
Clancy Red or Ruddy Warrior
Cleary Learned,
Clerk or Scholar
Conan High, Wise
Conner, Connor Strong Will
Cormac Of the Chariot
Craig Steep Rock, Rocky, From the word crag
Daren, Darrin, Darren Great
Dermot, Derry Envy Free
Desmond From south Munster, the world
Devlin Brave, Fierce
Diarmid Without Envy
Dillon, Dillan Faithful, Loyal
Egan Little Fire
Erin From Ireland
Fagan Little Fiery One
Ferris Variant of Peter
Finian Fair, Light or White
Finn Fair, Light or White, Fair Headed
Finnegan Fair
Flynn Red Haired Son, Red Headed One
Gilroy Son of the redhead
Hoyt Mind, Spirit
Irvin, Irv Handsome
Kane Warlike, Honor, Tribute
Keagan, Keegan Fiery, Determined
Kelan, Kellan, Kellen Slender, Powerful
Kenneth Handsome
Kevin, Kevan, Kavan Handsome
Kyle Narrow Piece of Land, Handsome
Liam Guardian
Logan Small Cove
Melvin, Melvyn Possibly Means Gentle Chief
Neal, Neil, Neale Champion
Nolan Famous, Champion
Owen Well born
Odhran, Odran or Oran Green
Paddy Form of Patrick
Quillan Cub
Quinlan Strong
Quinn Form of Quinlan, The Wise, Fifth
Reilly, Riley Valiant or Small Stream
Rian, Ryan Little King
Seamus, Shamus Form of James
Sean (and various spellings) Form of John, God is Gracious
Shane Form of Sean
Trevor Prudent

Irish Girls Names