Baby Name Name Meaning
Aine Brightness, Joy
Aileen Form of Helen, Light Bearer
Aislinn, Aislin, Aisling Dream or Vision
Alanna (and various spellings) Attractive, Peaceful
Arlene Pledge
Brianna, Briana Strong, High, Noble
Bridget, Bridgit Strong
Blaine Thin
Brecken Freckled
Cassidy Clever
Cathleen Pure, Virginal
Ciara (and various spellings) Black or Dark
Colleen Girl
Darby Free from Envy
Darcy Dark One
Deirdre Sorrowful, Wanderer
Devan Poet
Eileen, Ilene Form of Helen, Light
Erin Ancient name of Ireland, From Ireland
Fallon A Leader, Of a Ruling Family
Fiona, Fionnula Fair, White
Finola White Shoulder, Fair Shoulder
Glenna Valley, Form of Glenn
Kaitlin (and various spellings) Pure
Keena Brave
Kelly (and various spellings) Brave Warrior, Defender
Kerry, Kerri Dark Haired, Dark and Mysterious
Kiley Attractive
Kyla Attractive
Mackenzie Comely
Megan (and various spellings) Form of Margaret, Soft and Gentle, Pearl
Maura Dark, Form of Mary
Maureen Dark, Form of Mary
Muriel Shining Sea, Bright, Sea
Myrna, Morna Beloved
Neala, Neila Champion
Noreen, Nora Form of Eleanor, Little Honorable One
Regan (and various spellings) Descendant of a King
Riona Queenlike, Queen
Saiorse Freedom, Liberty
Sinead God is Gracious
Siobhan Form of Jane and Judith, God is Gracious
Tara Rocky Hill
Tierney Noble
Una One, Unity

Irish Boys Names