Maleia Marie

Submitted by Kylie G.

My husband and I have had a boy’s name picked out for years! We knew if we had another boy we would call him Damon, but had no idea what we would name a girl. We had bounced around the name Sophia but never knew for sure. So, since we weren’t sure of course we found out we were having a girl! Sophia was immediately out because it was the #1 name for girls this year and we wanted something unique. We decided on Gabriella and thought that for sure was going to be her name, until my husband called me in the middle of the day while he was at work convinced that everyone would think we named her after the gymnast from the US that just won. We didn’t want our daughter named after anyone famous like that so we decided to keep looking. We were sitting in lawn chairs at my mother’s house one day and I pulled out my phone and started googling names. We looked for Hispanic names for my husband, Italian names for me, and everything in between. We even looked up comic book names because we are both nerds like that and our son’s name is Zavier like Dr Xavier from X Men. We came across the name Maleia and both liked it…after hundreds of other names. So I turned off my phone and said ok her name is Maleia no more changing or looking! So Maleia Marie (she will be the 4th generation female w/ middle name Marie) will be here in September. So no one named Maleia better become famous in the next few months!!

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