Returning to Work After Baby

For many of us our maternity leave ends and we must make the transition back into the workplace but this time as a working mom. We have mixed emotions about this change as it’s normal to be apprehensive about leaving your young baby but to also look forward to daily adult conversations and office friendships. As working moms have proven time and time again, the initial adjustment is often the most difficult. Below are some helpful hints to make the transition easier for both mom and baby:
– Establish a new routine, many of us thrive on routine or at least feel more relaxed once we establish a schedule
– Find a babysitter and daycare situation you feel comfortable with. If you sense something isn’t right investigate further and consider switching, not every daycare is the right match for every child
– While in the care of grandparents, a nanny, daycare or other child care provider your baby is developing new relationship all of which are normal positive things
– Ask your sitter to email/text pictures of your child throughout the work day
– Post pictures/artwork of your family in your cubical/office
– Leave work at work, try not to stress about tomorrow’s meetings or a bad phone call when you aren’t on the clock
– Enjoy the time you do spend with you kid, it’s about quality not quantity
– Plan a vacation or fun weekend activity to look forward to as a family
– Join evening or weekend playgroups that allow the chance to connect with other working mom’s, these friendships can provide support during trying times. Ask for advice and coping strategies, try to establish a support system of other mom’s in similar situations to vent with and bounce ideas off of
– Remind yourself of the benefits of your job and salary for the family whether it’s financial stability, vacations, private school, savings, etc. these directly benefit the well-being and happiness of your child

By Jessica S.
BabyChatter Contributor