Why Duchess Kate Can’t Escape the Post-Baby Body Naysayers

Duchess Kate recently gave birth to Princess Charlotte, and while I saw many news articles congratulating the royal couple, a common theme surfaced and resurfaced among them.

Again and again, these articles questioned, “Kate, how do you look so good?”

After giving birth just 12 hours prior, the Duchess stepped out—looking stunning— to greet the public. Many questioned whether she was some sort of superhuman and poked fun at the fact that she was pulled together glamorously, wearing heels, and not even limping. I myself chuckled, thinking the same thing.

After I gave birth, I could barely walk – let alone walk in heels. She looked fabulous and yet she was poked fun of by us “regular” women for looking nothing like we did after birth. But, guess what?!

When Kate gave birth to Prince George, people were shocked that she still had a baby bump—that she still looked pregnant while she cradled her newborn in her arms. Her post-baby body made headlines.

And when we saw that Duchess Kate looked like any other postpartum mommy, that she looked like us “regular” mamas, we applauded her. We praised her from the corners of blogosphere for boldly stepping out, squishy tummy and all.

I could venture to guess that if postpartum Kate looked exhausted and tired, squishy and sore, she’d receive our applause. Yet, someone, somewhere, would criticize the fact that she didn’t try a little harder and pull herself together more. And, when she looks glamorous? She’s still condemned.

We’re fickle and so are our opinions, but that’s nothing new.

We can argue that fickle opinions are just part of being in the public’s eye, but I think it runs deeper than that. I think it goes back to the fact that we often applaud those who we relate to, those who look like us, act like us, and respond like us; yet, shun or criticize those who don’t.

As mamas and as women, I think we can learn a valuable lesson. The next time we see a mama’s post-baby body and it looks fabulous, let’s celebrate with her. And, the next time we see a mama’s post-baby body and it’s squishy and worn down, let’s celebrate with her, too.

Let’s just celebrate the strong woman who’s given birth to the small miracle—and the small miracle!

By Holly M.
BabyChatter Contributor