10 Small Parenting Moments that Feel Huge: Newborn to 1 Years Old

When it comes to parenting, there are milestone moments that melt your heart: the first time your little one rolls over or says “mama” or “dada.” Then, there are moments that seem small and insignificant, yet feel huge. Here are 10 underrated moments you’ll all identify with:

1. When Your Little One Starts Eating Finger Foods — Finger foods in the high chair mean 30 plus minutes of self-entertainment, which means mom or dad has 30 or more minutes to tackle the to-do list or sit on the couch with a cup of tea.

2. When Your Little One Sleeps Through a Loud Noise — Your little one is asleep and the doorbell rings or your phone rings or something falls off the counter and lands with a loud slam. You cringe! The world stops, you hold your breath, but to your surprise—and relief—your baby stays asleep.

3. When You Both Get to Take a Nap — Nap time is precious time, but it’s even more precious when you get to curl up alongside your little one and nap too.

4. When One More Diaper Fits in the Pail — It seems like you’re constantly emptying the diaper pail or procrastinating emptying it which results in a dirty diaper tower on top. When you’re able to push, shove, and squeeze one more diaper into the pail, it’s a mini celebration.

5. When They Sleep the Entire Plane Ride — When you’re traveling with your little one and he sleeps the entire plane ride, it’s deeply relieving.

6. When Mom Gets to Ride Shot Gun Again — Many moms spend months in the backseat of the car, tending to and entertaining baby. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a baby who can finally entertain himself for a while in the car, so you can ride in the front seat once again.

7. Open Mouth Kisses — When open mouth kisses from your little one seem less and less like attempts to bite you and more and more likes real kisses, it’s a wonderful feeling.

8. When They Reach for You — Sometimes, you’d love to hand your little one over to your hubby or to grandma for a couple of hours. When you do hand them over and they reach back for you, it makes you want to scoop them back up.

9. When You Lay Him Down and He STAYS ASLEEP — We’ve all had our little one fall asleep in our arms and then wake back up as soon as we lay him down. We lay him down again, and again, and again, and finally just give up and hold him. When your little one is asleep and he doesn’t wake up during “the transfer,” it’s HUGE!

10. When You Finish a Task in One Sitting — Since becoming a mom, I’ve done everything piecemeal. It’s taken me an entire day to do one task—10 minutes here, 5 minutes there, 20 minutes there…when you accomplish just one task AT ONCE, it feels like you should receive an award.

By Holly M.
BabyChatter Contributor