Ashleigh – A father’s baby naming story

This was one of the most stressful times in my life with me being with the mother of soon to be daughter and although she had a wonderful pregnancy it went by so fast that here it was with her having contractions and we still had yet to have a name. Thank GOD for the waiter and her trying to work for her tip so much she recognized my wife experiencing discomforts while I was in the restroom. It was later brought to my attention that she called the paramedics and even rode there with us. We didnt know the sex of our child until the delivery and 2 hours later came my daughter. Tears of joy poured and champagne was being popped then a voice spoke, “Its a girl!!! Me being a man… I was pushing for a junior which would have been maybe why I did not think of names. It wasnt right there on the spot that we named her but about a couple hours later when my wife woke up she said, ” How about we name her the waiter name? I laughed and said why should we. My wife said, “because she was such a help to us this will be a super tip to her. I said well at least let’s ask her. We went back to the restaurant a week later and already named her “Ashleigh” we changed the spelling around a little. Upon entering she greeted us and when she went to the baby carrier she asked could she see her, she happily asked talking to the baby, “Hey whats your name” I broke the silence and said Ashleigh, She broke down in tears and actually 12 years later she she is still in our childs life.

Submitted By Mac M.