Mary Helen – A mother’s baby name story

My first child was an acrobat in the womb with her spinning somersaults on the ultrasound screen. The doctor could keep a solid heartbeat on the monitor, so used the ultrasound, only to discover the reason for the variations being due to her flipping as if she was playing. We wanted to name her after her grandmothers because my momma was my baby doll, her fathers grandmother was very dear to us, and we wanted to carry their names on for years to come.

My mothers name was Mary and his beloved grandmothers name was Helen. She was so excited to know our first born was soon to arrive. She was ill in health and was going to move in with her daughter to be cared for. We named our daughter Mary as first name and Helen as middle. Such bright eyes full of wonder and amazement at the bright new world she had just entered. As we left the hospital, our first stop was Grandma Helen’s house because she was moving to her daughters house that day due to her poor health. She waited for us to arrive so she could hold our little Precious that held her name. These two beautiful women have since passed, yet their names live on through our daughter as a tribute to their unconditional love.

Submitted by June H.