Sara – the story behind the baby name

Every parent thinks his sweet little daughter is a princess. But with a name like Sara, your daughter really IS a princess since that’s what the name means. It originates from the biblical “Sarah” wife of the patriarch Abraham, who is considered the father of the nation of Israel. Sarah and Abraham’s son, Isaac, was later renamed “Israel” in fact. That gives a nod to Sarah’s name, since she was “royalty” to the coming nation of Israel. Sarah was a good wife and a strong woman, because she was childless for decades in a culture that scorned childless women. The Bible records that she had her baby many years past the normal childbearing years, which is why her son’s name means “laughter.” (Picture a wrinkled, white-haired lady with a newborn son! Naturally everyone laughed with delight and surprise to find out she was mom and not grandma!)

Spelling it “Sara” without the “h” gives a modern edge to the name and shortens it a little. I felt this spelling would make her name stand out without making it really strange. The alternate spelling also makes her name look stronger to me.

Spelled either way, you can’t go wrong with naming your little sweetie a name fit for a princess.

Submitted by Deborah M.