Fatima Zahra

Submitted by Tehmina A.

This was the most amusing experience in my journey of pregnancy. Everything was decided mutually before hand by me and my DH except the name of our DD. The reason we never came on common grounds on this subject coz we never gave thought to any baby names prior to one week before my due date when casually my friend asked what will be the name of the baby and I was like “Oh! my god ,we have not yet decided ” and after that I began my research on names and then notified my husband with the name and at that moment my husband (who was not a darling at that moment), said he had already kept the name of the baby, it was going to be on his grand mothers name. But when the ball was in my court i.e. in the hospital when the nurse was filling the birth certificate she asked me “what’s the name of the baby and I instantly blurted out Fatima (that was the name of my grand mother ) and my DH was shocked and the nurse asked if there is any middle name and he said Zahra (that’s his grand mother’s name)

So now we have beautiful baby with a beautiful name FATIMA ZAHRA, but in the end I WON, I WON and I WON