John Liam – A mother’s naming story

When I found out I was having a baby boy, my hunt for baby names was just beginning. But as I began, my boyfriend said we should just make it easy for me and name him John. How plain and boring that sounded to me. My boyfriend’s name is John and so is his fathers and his grandfather and so on. So I thought and thought and couldn’t picture myself calling our baby John. My partner felt very strong about the family name tradition, so I led him on believing that that would be the chosen name. But that’s not truly what I wanted so I kept searching for another name on my own.

After a few weeks, I was still without a name. Quite honestly, I was a full time working, exhausted pregnant woman tired of beating myself up trying to find a name. So I let my boyfriend win the battle. The baby’s name would be John. But I wouldn’t be calling him that. I came up with the plan that I would put the name John on the birth certificate, but I was going to have to come up with a middle name that I would use on a daily basis. While visiting the in laws one day, we were deciding the godparents for the baby. Well the baby’s godfather’s name is William so my boyfriend decided to use the last four letters of William’s name to use as a middle name. This I did not disagree to because I loved it. And I’m happy that I kept John as his first name because out of all the grandson’s of my father in law, my son is the first to carry on the family traditional first and last name. But I still call him by his middle name.

Submitted by Raven M.