King James – A mother’s story behind the name

Everyone has their idols and when I was growing up I wish I could have been named after a mogul such as Madonna, Princess Diane or an Oprah for that matter. I also knew that this was my fourth and last child so I was going to have a hysterectomy to prevent me from having any other kids. I love my kids but after my last pregnancy I din not anticipate me having any more at all. But fortunately the end of Summer 2012 I was blessed with a new house and maybe that jacuzzi was one of the reasons we now have King James.

My husband was a jock in high school and still to this date thinks if he did not injure himself he would have been better then Michael Jordan and has an all out disgust for Lebron James. He kept a lot of his focus on the 2012 playoff series and I always found him talking to the t.v. screaming at Lebron. I did a little research and found out statistically Lebron is on the road to having the best NBA career of all time at his current rate. So my husband was so confident in Lebron team losing he insisted that if the Miami Heat wins he will name his son King James. So on Jun 28, 2012 My husband signed the birth certificate King James Patterson, 9lb. 2 oz.

Submitted by Trina B.