Lillie Fay – A mother’s baby naming story

With both of our children it was a little hard finding the perfect name. But once we sit down and got to really thinking about it, there was no doubt in our minds. Our first daughter we decided to pull names from family members that were deceased but were dear to our hearts. The first name Lillie was from my grandmother that for most of my life had been a saint to me, always there for me, like a second mother. The middle name Fay was from the middle name of my husband’s mother who had passed when he was very young due to health issues. With the child that I’m carrying now, we have had long debates on the name if were to be a boy or a girl. If a sweet baby boy he would be named after his father Herman the 4th, as he father is the last of his family. There are no other males in this family to pass on the name. If it turns to a precious baby girl, the name Evelyn after my husband’s mother first name and Naomi after my great-grandmother who was an angel on heaven to everyone that knew her. Some times picking to right name can be hard but for us it all came down to what names meant the most to us. And as I have had health issue in the past with carrying babies, this one and our first are miracle babies to us. And we hold them dearly in our hearts forever.

Submitted by Michelle V.