Mama’s Must Haves

What do you need and what can you do without? As a new mama it can be overwhelming as to what is worth purchasing versus what becomes clutter and never gets used. Before having my baby I was adamant that I only wanted what I needed, I didn’t want the extra. We don’t have room in the house for unnecessary baby items and I wasn’t ready for our home to become overrun with kid toys. With all the advertising, friend recommendations, online lists of “must haves,” and registry suggestions it can seem like everything is necessary, after all we want to be prepared for our baby.

I recently asked a group of new mom’s what was the one item they would recommend to an expectant mother. The first response was a video monitor. Before having our son I read tons of online reviews, some were just audio, others had extensive video capabilities. I asked other mom friends what they preferred, in fact one lady said she never purchased a monitor that she was extra sensitive to her child’s cries and would wake up whenever she needed something. I knew I’d feel most comfortable with a video monitor and am more than happy with my purchase. I love watching my son in his crib, whether he’s sleeping peacefully or babbling away. I enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing he is safe as well the simple joy of seeing what he’s up to.

Another friend said she was very glad she purchased a wipe warmer. She hated the idea of a cold wipe on her daughters hiney, especially in the middle of night. Not only did she think it was uncomfortable for the baby but it also woke her up and made the transition back to sleep that much more difficult. Anything to help your child back to sleep in the wee hours of the morning is worth it!

A girlfriend with a nine month old loves her changing table. The convenience of having a designated diaper changing spot as well as shelves and drawers to store regularly used items makes this an important piece of nursery furniture. The ease of having wipes, diapers, creams, etc. in one easy to locate spot makes the many daily diaper changes that much easier.

While pillows can do the trick in a pinch, nothing bets a designated nursing pillow. Early on it helps with the adjustment for both mama and baby as they get the hang of the nursing thing, later on it’s all about comfort. I would advise that all breastfeeding mothers purchase a nursing pillow, believe me, it will get plenty of use!

By Jessica S.
BabyChatter Contributor