Running with Baby – Tips for Running with a Stroller

One of my favorite activities with my son is running with him in the jogging stroller. Exercise for mama and time outside with fresh air, exploring the city for baby. He loves being outdoors and I’m trying to lose the last of my post-partum weight, win-win for both of us! After I got over the initial adjustment period that pushing a stroller with a 15 pound child inside was more difficult than running solo, I actually began looking forward to our runs. I promise it gets easier with practice as you figure out how to maneuver the sidewalks and street ramps in your city.

I’m serving as a positive role model for my son, teaching him that exercise and an active lifestyle is both enjoyable and important for a healthy life. It’s also bonding time, time we spend together unlike any other during the day. I’m huffing and puffing but feeling the post run endorphin high as he dozes in and out of sleep. We give an extra smile to other parents we see out there pushing the stroller as they too can relate. As he gets a little older I look forward to more of our runs together, whether it’s early in the morning before the rest of the city is awake, we can both watch the sun rise while plodding along or exploring parts of the city that is best seen on foot. I want him to grow up knowing that exercise is both fun and important!

Tips for running with a Stroller:

1) Start out slow and only go a short distance at first. You want to get comfortable with the feel of your new running companion.

2) Make sure you maintain proper running posture, pushing the stroller can cause you to lean forward. Do not adjust your stride or body position as a result of having the stroller as this could lead to injury.

3) Most running strollers have a leash to wrap around your wrist, make sure the stroller is secure and that you are in control when going up and down curbs or downhill.

By Jessica S.
BabyChatter Contributor