Both Mommy and Daddy in the Room, Who Would Your Child Choose?

“Mommy! Can you help me?” It never fails. No matter what I’m doing, I am the go-to-parent for everything. I could be juggling four plates of food in one arm; a hot potato in the other hand; dirty clothes on one foot; and a glass of milk balancing on the other, but my kids will almost always ask ME to do something. Dad sits on the couch with a remote in his hand, yet I’m the one on call. Sometimes it is downright frustrating and unfair; but, it is reality.

You see, mothers have “super” natural abilities that give children a since of comfort. Children are aware that not only will Mom get the job done, but it will be to their liking. Let’s face it: We spoil them! They are so used to us coming to the rescue that they become accustomed to us being there for everything. Even when Dad tries to lend a hand, the kids make him feel like it is not good enough. “No, I want mommy to do it, Daddy.” Sometimes Dad helps out anyway to keep me from checking into the insane asylum.

Children have to get used to Dad doing things to take some of the pressure off. As much as we’d like to comfort and solve our children’s problems, it is necessary that we take a step back and allow Dad to do his part. Sometimes, Super Mom needs to take a super load off despite the cries, kicks, and screams of the offspring.

If you have a situation where Dad is the go-to-parent, just count your lucky stars! Kids love both of their parents equally, but often tend to drift to the one they spend the most time with.

Try it. Sit on the sofa with your spouse. Each of you call out to the kids, simultaneously; then, watch who your child chooses.

Who do you think your child would choose?

By Tequila C.