Jasmine Sky – The story behind the baby name

My youngest daughter was a surprise because we were taking precautions to not get pregnant until I fully healed from the last c-section. The last delivery went bad due to doctor errors and due to infection in the incision, a large section of scar tissue the size of a softball had formed. The first three months were painful and had me on bed rest much of the time, yet we were excited we were going to have another baby. Ultrasounds appeared to show we may be having a boy, which made us extremely happy because we had 2 girls and this was going to be our last if I was able to carry full term with the scar tissue pressing in. We began researching boy names immediately.

We knew we wanted a Native American name to honor the Native heritage we both have and something to honor the Scotch/Irish we both have. We chose Ian which is the Scottish version of John, which was carried over from Ireland. At one of our last ultrasounds, we discovered that our little Ian was a girl. Walking to the doctor across the parking lot, I was pondering what to name this little princess we were to have in just a few weeks. I said a prayer for guidance to choose a name to fit her and I heard a woman’s voice say “Jasmine Sky.”I stopped and looked around, yet saw nobody else in the parking lot. I shook my head thinking I imagined it and started walking and heard it again “Jasmine Sky.”I stopped, smiled, and said a prayer of thanks to the Great Mother and walked into the doctors office. She was born with eyes so clear and blue as the sky and skin as smooth as a Jasmine flower. Our beautiful little Jasmine Sky.

Submitted by June H.