Name Ideas from Megan

Submitted by Megan

I fall in love with different and unique names often, but I have found some that have stuck with me over time. Although I’m not expecting a baby very soon, a lot of thought has been put into the names I hope to one day use in the future. Here’s just a couple “sample” names that I have enjoyed keeping “in the back of my mind”, if and when I do have children:

Asher (Hebrew origin, meaning Laughter), Jude (Hebrew origin, meaning Celebrated), Jonas (Greek for the Hebrew name “Jonah”, meaning Dove), Silas (Latin origin, A contraction of Silvanus; meaning, A god of forests), Andrew (Greek origin, meaning Manly), Joanna (Hebrew origin, meaning God favored), Journey (self-explanatory; English origin, meaning Journey), Esther-Ruth (Esther: Persian origin, meaning Star. Ruth: Hebrew origin, meaning Friend).

As you can tell, I have quite a list of names for my future reference (and that’s not even half of them!). I believe that children are a blessing and I’d be happy with however many, or however little, the Lord decides to bless me and my husband with. One of those names that I listed above, was just a recent addition to my collection…

It was “Journey”, for a girl. Now I thought this name would present a good Christian parallelism or allegory that someone could use in a child’s life. For instance… tying in the first name with the middle name, such as Journey Aleah (meaning, the journey to ascend. Aleah = To ascend; to go up). Another, which is probably not as good as the first one, is Journey Elienai (meaning, God are my eyes on the journey. Elienai = God is my eyes. Or you could say: the Lord will guide me on my journey). Like I said, the first one is better 😉 This is what I enjoy! Tying in first and middle names that mean something and glorify the Lord; and are not “just labels” for individuals! Here’s a couple that I’ve already done for my future reference (note: Dawne is derived from the Old English, but all the others are Hebrew):

Delilah Ruth = Delicate Companion
Shayna Dawne = Beautiful Dawn
Jude Malachi = Praised Messenger
Nekoda Boaz = A herdman, swift and strong
and my newest addition:
Journey Aleah = The Journey to Ascend

I believe there is an importance in naming your child with a “purpose”. Something more than just a “label” for your child. Something that means something to you, your family, friends, and especially for your child. Naming your child defines who she or he might become. It’s more than a name.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my “name story”! – Megan, CA, USA