Popular Baby Names 2014

popular baby names 2014

The Social Security Administration just released the most popular names of 2014. Take a good look at what was popular the past year. Elizabeth, Aiden and Jayden were bumped out in this 2014’s top 10 names, while the name Charlotte entered. Not an unlikely name to become in the top 10 with the recent birth of Princess Charlotte recently, but these names became popular in 2014, Princess Charlotte was born in 2015. Interesting.

From Noah and Emma to Daniel and Charlotte, you can find out below what the most popular names were in 2014.

Top 10 Popular Baby Names 2014
Rank Boy’s Names Girl’s Names
1 Noah Emma
2 Liam Olivia
3 Mason Sophia
4 Jacob Isabella
5 William Ava
6 Ethan Mia
7 Michael Emily
8 Alexander Abigail
9 James Madison
10 Daniel Charlotte

Information about popular baby names 2014 was taken from the Social Security Administration and is based on the social security applications taken for that year. A rank of 1 being the top rank.