Ophelia Luna – A Name Written In The Stars

Believe it or not my wife and I both work for NASA. She works in the library and I do math stuff. It’s easier to say math stuff than what I actually do. We actually met at work and that’s when we began dating. It was a whirlwind romance and within two years we were engaged, married, and expecting our first child – a daughter. Since our job played such a huge part in both of our lives and our marriage we felt it was only right to name our child something which would have a role in that story. We went through all kinds of names. We thought of satellites, planets, solar systems, and finally we narrowed it down to the moons. Not many people know that all of the moons in our Solar System have very beautiful names. It took us a while, but we finally settled on Ophelia Luna for a name. We chose Ophelia, because it is one of Uranus’ moons but also a very beautiful name and connected to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which is one of our favorite plays. We chose Luna because it is Latin for “Moon.” Many people think it’s a Harry Potter reference, which is also fine with us as we both are okay with Harry Potter as well. Everyone loves her name and we do as well. It means something different to everyone and is just as beautiful as our daughter. Also, it’s better than Enceladus or Cassius by a long shot.

Submitted by Jon S.