Julietta Keisha – the story behind the naming choice

Working as a elementary school teacher I found it very difficult to choose a name.. With so many names associated with not-so-pleasant student-teacher relationships, choosing a name was no easy task. Me and my husband along with my children had discussed names early on and she knew she wanted her daughter’s middle name to be Keisha, the name of her grandmother, with whom she was very close to while growing up. When it came to our daughter’s first name, however, we frequently bumped heads and had different ideas. I liked Francesca, being as though my brother’s name is François and I liked the idea of choosing names that are important to the family. My husband’s pick was Julietta. Oddly enough, he had seen the name in a car advertisement for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Our baby girl arrived on Father’s Day in 2012, so we figured that allowing the father to choose the baby’s name would be the perfect gift. Especially since we couldn’t afford the Alfa Romero Giulietta. We named our new bundle of joy Julietta Keisha. She was 8lb 5 oz with a head full of hair, blue eyes and dimples to die for.

Submitted by S. Perry