Submitted by Michelle B.

As our due date neared, my partner and I had yet to come up with a name for our unborn son. We had tossed around the classic names, made faces at the strange ones, and even tried the old respell some to make them look! Of course, we had many offers from friends, and many more from relatives (and an abundant amount from the grandparents, no doubt). None seemed unique enough, or masculine enough, or WHATEVER enough! Our little “Bean” as we lovingly had called him since we found out we were having a bay, remained that way until I was about 38 weeks pregnant.

My partner and every night before we both fell asleep, always spoke about where we would meet each other in our dreams. That night, being bitterly cold in our real world, I wanted to meet at a beach. Nothing appealed to my swollen feet more than soft, warm sand, and cool, salty waves.

In my dreams that night, I did in fact end up on the beach. Myself, my partner, our daughter and my swollen baby belly. The waves licked the shore, the atmosphere was perfect! My partner took a large stick and drew a large heart along the shoreline, and in it he wrote in everyone’s name, of course except our little Bean. My name was on the top, Michelle, then our daughters name, Aysah, and lastly his name, Ricky. A wave then rolled up and took away part of the names! At first I was very sad, but then as I looked down, I saw it! Our sons name! Marick! When I woke up, I was excited and told my partner all about my dream, and he agreed that Marick was indeed a great name! Of course, that left us with the next question. What middle name goes with Marick…….?